Willemijn, an introduction

Ever since her childhood Willemijn has had a great passion for all that sparkles and shines. The world as one big treasure trove. Where a coin discovered in the ground could be made of gold or a shard of glass glimmering in the sunlight could perhaps be a real diamond! Rings were made of wire decorated with beads.

After graduating from Law school, Willemijn worked as a solicitor and later founded the school of dance in Utrecht. But eventually decided to pursue her long-life dream and become a jewellery designer. The technical skills to make jewellery she learned at “De vakschool” in Schoonhoven besides working at a goldsmith for several years. Willemijn prefers to work with natural resources like gold, silver, pearls and semi-precious stones.

Willemijn de Koning

Personal and unique

Jewellery are incredibly personal and do not derive their value just from the precious materials used. It could be something for life which can be passed onto next generations.
That’s why Willemijn, besides designing her own jewellery collections, also very much loves creating unique one-off pieces. Perhaps you have jewellery hidden in the far end of your drawer that could be transformed into spectacular new pieces or that beautiful stone brought home from a faraway country that can be turned into wearable art? All of this is possible and much more at her studio in Utrecht.

Interested in learning more?

Interested in learning more or would you like to try or design any of the jewellery? Please feel free to contact Willemijn at her studio in Utrecht.